We strive to make your experience and your pets a pleasant one at Pawpular Paws! Please don't hesitate to explain in detail your dogs personal needs, likes and dislikes, and your preference on look and style! 

We want your dog walking out looking and feeling its very best! 

Check out our grooming team! Pawpular Paws is so happy to welcome "Grooms by Tawny" and "Gabby's Grooming" to our team! We are excited to have these two talented stylists.


We specialize in deshedding

Same day nail trims available! Call now!


Don't forget about your cat!


Breed specific cuts!


All dogs come in many shapes, sizes and conditions, therefore pricing can vary. A groomer will be happy to assist you with pricing on your pet!

Full Grooming Package-


  • Shampoo and conditioning bath

  • Cage free hand blow dry

  • Ear cleaning

  • Nail trim

  • Complete brush out

  • A full haircut of your choice (for those dogs who require one)

Face Feet and Fanny Package-

( A clean up in between haircuts and for small and slow introductions for your puppies first grooming experience)


  • Shampoo and conditioning bath

  • Cage free hand blow dry

  • Nail trim

  • Pads of feet cleared of hair

  • Sanitary areas cleared of hair

  • Bangs and eye hair trimmed

Add Ons-


  • Teeth brushing $5 added to grooming package or $8 separately

  • Nail grinding $5 added to grooming package or $10 separately

  • Anal glands $10 added to groom or $20 separately (we recommend adding a bath to this service but it is not necessary)

  • Skin and coat treatment $7 added to grooming package

  • Deshedding treatment $10 added to grooming package (Includes: shampoo and conditioner specially formulated to loosen and remove dead undercoat, a complete blow out and extra attention to specific brushing techniques with deshedding tools)

  • Pawdicure polish $10

  • Hair feather $10

  • Temporary or semi permanent hair color $10 (price depends on how much you want colored. Must be requested at time of booking to allow for extra time)

Extra Fees-

Flea treatment- If we discover fleas on your pet a flea treatment will be automatically added to your groom and a $10 fee will apply. This will cover the extensive process and clean up of a flea invaded pet. If the flea problem is severe your pet may be sent home and a new appointment will need to be scheduled once the flea problem has been resolved. 

Aggressive or badly behaved pets- We understand that not all pets love to look fabulous and that some pets may show aggression and/or nervessnous resulting in excessive jumping and being uncooperative. We will do our best to calmly and safely work with the pet to complete their groom. You must inform us if your pet may exhibit any type of aggression towards people, other animals or specific grooming situations prior to booking your appointment and again at drop off. A fee will be added to their grooming package for any extra time spent grooming these pets. However, if the groomer decides that the groom is unable to be completed in a safe manner for themselves or the pet, the pet will be sent home as is. A fee may apply for any work that has already been rendered. We try to make grooming a stress free experience and do not wish to cause any emotional pain to our pet guests.

Dematting- $10 if your dog comes in with excessive knotting or matting, you may be charged and additional fee for the extra time spent safely removing matting. We recommend sticking to a frequent grooming schedule and brushing at home to prevent this.

If you have any questions regarding anything you have read above or that we have not covered, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We need and want to know all details pertaining to your pet and your preferences before preforming the grooming process to ensure you and your pet are 100% happy and comfortable with the results!